Real Content for Your Blog or Website – Not Just Keywords Surrounded by Fluff, Filler, and Nonsense

Do you need professionally written blog posts and articles? There are plenty of online businesses that provide this service, but only a few worth your money.

Sometimes a freelancer is a better solution. If you only need a few posts a month and won’t allow your blog filled with poorly written drivel, then you’ll have better luck trying out a freelancer than going with one of the content mills.

Misspellings, glaring grammar errors, or an amateurish style will scare visitors away from your site. You’ll get all the right keywords from the content mills, usually anyway, repeated the required number of times but rarely will you get a piece that is well-written. There are exceptions of course, but hiring a freelancer means you are always working with an author of your choosing. Not just the first person that notices your job listing or is randomly chosen.

Don’t get me wrong. There are some very good content providers that are able to deliver large amounts of quality material on a close deadline. I’ve worked for some of them. The best ones employ good editors and give them the time they need to do their job. They value their writers and pay them a reasonable wage. These things significantly raise the price of the content they produce, but it is the only way to deliver quality content with any consistency.

As an experienced freelancer that knows the business and the craft I can create exceptional content, minus the overhead. Which means I can keep my rates low. Seven to ten cents per word in most cases depending on the amount of research required. I can’t complete large orders on a deadline or offer the services that some providers can.

What I can offer are articles and blog posts that are relevant and engaging, as well as properly written, edited, and researched for a price that even the content mills can’t match. Many of the mills don’t have real editors and pay their writers very little, but they markup their services as if they were.

So if you only need posts occasionally, save some cash and get an experienced content writer.

Pricing and Payment

Most pieces are between 350 words and 1,500 words. If your organization prefers flat-rate pricing I am happy to bill that way.

Example: a standard blog post between 450 and 550 words delivered for a flat rate of $50.00

By the word, my rate is between .10 and .14 cents depending on the amount of research and things like needing to follow a very detailed style guide for your brand. Adhering to some style guides and doing more than the normal amount of research takes longer so these types of posts are .14 cents per word. It’s important that research be thorough and well sourced. I also pride myself on strictly following these style guides. It’s important to you, so it’s important to me.

A 500-word post usually requires somewhere between a 1/2 hour to 1 hour of research. Of course, there are exceptions but this basic research is included for any post. So, an article requiring a minimal amount of research and no other time-consuming details is .10 cents per word.

  • Standard Blog Posts – .10 cents per word
  • Posts Requiring Extra Research and Adherence to Style Guides – .12 cents per word
  • Posts Requiring Heavy Research and Extra Time: – .14 cents per word

Long posts, 800 to 1,5000 words, normally need extra time for research and sourcing, as will posts concerning subjects that are more intensive. For example, an article about the best tires for your car or truck in winter would be a Standard Blog Post. An article about the manufacturing process of winter tires would cost a little more.


I use PayPal, which accepts major credit cards. Checks are fine too. Payment initiated upon acceptance. For your review, I like to send a read-only version of the document in MS Word format. If you are happy then I will send the document in the format of your choosing.

We can also digitally sign a Statement of Work or Letter of Agreement. It’s easy and a good idea.


I can complete rush orders but find it is best practice to finish an article and wait a day to edit it again. It works. 

  • Assignment turnaround for a standard 500-word post is 3-5 days